2015 Meet: Gear inventory

As we head toward the meet and word gets around our enthusiast community, more and more people come forward volunteering to bring along their own rigs to exhibit. We'll try and keep you updated on the list of prospective gear on show in this post, just hit the categories below to check out the list of equipment we're expecting to have at this point in time. Oh, and if you've found your way here first, best check out the details for the meet here.

*Spoiler alert: the list is pretty darn good already*


  • MrSpeakers Ether
  • Audeze LCD-3
  • Sennheiser HD800
  • Sennheiser HD650
  • Sennheiser HD600
  • Sennheiser Momentum 2 Over-ear
  • Beyerdynamic T1
  • Beyerdynamic T5p
  • HiFiMan HE-6
  • Hifiman HE-500
  • HE-400i
  • Fostex TH-600
  • Audio Technica W3000ANV
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm
  • Denon D5000
  • Denon AH-D7100
  • Oppo PM-3
  • AKG K812
  • AKG K7XX
  • AKG K553 Pro
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50X
  • JH Audio Layla
  • B&O H6
  • Shure 1540

...in addition to the above we are awaiting confirmation from a couple of vendors who
might bring along a lot of other headphones including the entire Oppo range, and a couple of enthusiasts who might be bringing along the Stax SR009 and HiFiMan HE-1000. We'll keep you posted!


  • Auralic Vega
  • Chord Hugo
  • Metrum Pavane
  • Metrum Octave II (+ the original)
  • Benchmark DAC1
  • Arcam irDAC
  • Audio-GD Reference 10.32
  • Oppo HA-1
  • Oppo HA-2
  • Benchmark DAC1
  • HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp
  • Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2
  • Audiolab M-DAC
  • iFi iDSD Micro
  • Astell & Kern AK240
  • Astell & Kern AK120ii
  • Schiit Bifrost Uber
  • Schiit Modi 2
  • Schiit Fulla
  • JDS Labs ODAC
  • Meridian Explorer V1
  • LH Labs Geek Out 450
  • Aune T1


  • Woo Audio WA22
  • Woo Audio WA5
  • Woo Audio WA6
  • Moon Audio 430HA
  • Metrum Acoustics Aurix
  • Auralic Taurus MKII
  • Oppo HA-1
  • Oppo HA-2
  • Questyle CMA800R (in monoblock configuration)
  • Violectric V200
  • Burson HA-160
  • Bottlehead Crack with Speedball
  • FiiO E12
  • Aune T1
  • Schiit Lyr 
  • Schiit Magni 2
  • Darkvoice 3322 Tube Amp
  • HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/amp
  • JDS Labs O2
  • FiiO E09
  • FiiO E18
  • Meridian Explorer V1
  • iFi Micro iDSD (and possibly the entire iFi range via the NZ vendor)
  • Aune T1
  • Sennheiser HDVA 600

Author: NZtechfreak

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